General Questions

What is REX?

REX is a royalty company giving investors exposure to the creator economy.

Where is REX based?

REX is a Canadian corporation. Our head office is located in Toronto, Ontario.

What is the REX model?

We acquire interests in creators’ broadcast and streaming channels, rolling them into a public company. We offer the opportunity to invest directly in creators. With REX, creators and investors have the opportunity to share in the growth of the content industry.

What is equity?

Equity — also known as shares, stock or shares of stock — represents shareholder ownership in a company. As a shareholder, you’re entitled to voting rights, dividends and a claim on assets.

What factors contribute to REX’s success?

One is the quality of channels signed to REX. When our portfolio is strong, our share value should be too. Expectations and effective communication are also contributing factors, as are the strength of our leadership and interest by investors. For more information on what influences share price see “What drives the value of REX shares?” under Investor Questions.

What is the REX offer?

Rex buys interests in channels, paying in cash and shares.

How is REX different from a multi-channel network (MCN)?

REX provides equity to its members. Creators also retain full creative control and freedom of their channels, choosing when, where and what they publish. While REX is committed to creator growth, our primary function is to acquire interests in creators, essentially taking a part of a creators business public.

What class of shares are being issued to creators?

REX issues common shares, the only class of shares outstanding.

Which exchange is REX trading on?

REX is currently unlisted, aiming to meet the requirements for listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE).

What will the ticker symbol be?

We have reserved the symbol REXO for REX.


What does REX look for in CHANNELS?

REX looks for creators who share our values. REX values quality content, historical operations and future projections.

If I’m represented by an agency, can I still join REX?

Yes, REX welcomes creators signed to agencies. Our models are complementary. We work well together and can communicate directly with your agent, if you’d like.

What do I gain in exchange for an interest in my channel?

You receive cash and gain equity and ownership in REX and with it the ability to participate financially in the growth of the creator community and industry. After joining REX, the creator retains the majority ownership of their channels and the benefits that come from that.

What channels do you acquire a stake in?

REX only acquires interests in channels on platforms that work within our model, meaning those that pay creators to broadcast. Currently, our focus is on creators working with YouTube.

Are there performance targets?

All REX creators are expected to continue broadcasting as frequently and effectively as they did prior to joining REX. Goals are specific to each individual creator, based on their performance over the last 12 months.

Do I still benefit from personal success as part of a collective?

You are always directly benefiting from the growth of your own brand through the majority interest in your retained channel interest as well as your equity in the REX collective.

What is the incentive for creators joining REX today?

There is value in being a founding member of our collective. Joining REX now and receiving shares early means a greater potential upside.


When do I receive my shares and is there a vesting schedule or lock up?

Shares are issued up front, and released quarterly.

When can I trade my shares?

Shares are free trading and can be bought or sold at any time.

How do you collect channel revenue?

Channel revenue from platforms is processed through our accounting department.

What happens if my revenues decrease?

It is in REX’s best interest for all of our creators to succeed. Individuals who experience a decrease in revenue will have the support of our development team. However, to protect the interests of the entire collective, creators who continuously underperform may see their contracts reevaluated at renewal. They will retain equity and continue to benefit from the growth of the collective, which is stronger and more stable than any individual creator’s performance.

 Investor Questions

How do I invest with REX?

Until we are listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), qualified investors can directly finance REX business development by participating in our current private placement funding round. Contact for more.

Can I invest in a single creator?

No, REX shares represent an investment in the performance of our entire portfolio of creators.

What drives the value of REX shares?

There are a number of metrics that influence share price, including quality and growth of the REX collective, our ability to meet targets, financial performance, quality of earnings, demand on the market, expectations, awareness and the success of management, as well as overall industry and market performance.

Is REX paying dividends?

There is currently no intention to declare or pay dividends.