General Questions

What is REX?

REX is a royalty company giving investors exposure to the creator economy.

Where is REX based?

REX is a Canadian corporation. Our head office is located in Toronto, Ontario.

What is the REX model?

We acquire interests in creators’ broadcast and streaming channels, rolling them into a public company. We offer the opportunity to invest directly in creators. With REX, creators and investors have the opportunity to share in the growth of the content industry.

What is the REX offer?

Rex buys interests in channels, paying in cash and shares.

Which exchange is REX trading on?

The Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) has conditionally approved REX for listing.

What will the ticker symbol be?

We have reserved the symbol REXO for REX.


What does REX look for in CHANNELS?

REX looks for creators who share our values. REX values quality content, historical operations and future projections.

If I’m represented by an agency, can I still join REX?

Yes, REX welcomes creators signed to agencies. Our models are complementary. We work well together and can communicate directly with your agent, if you’d like.

What do I gain in exchange for an interest in my channel?

You receive cash and gain equity and ownership in REX and with it the ability to participate financially in the growth of the creator community and industry. After joining REX, the creator retains the majority ownership of their channels and the benefits that come from that.

What channels do you acquire a stake in?

REX only acquires interests in channels on platforms that work within our model, meaning those that pay creators to broadcast. Currently, our focus is on creators working with YouTube.

Are there performance targets?

All REX creators are expected to continue broadcasting as frequently and effectively as they did prior to joining REX. Goals are specific to each individual creator, based on their performance over the last 12 months.


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 Investor Questions

How do I invest with REX?

Until we are listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), qualified investors can directly finance REX business development by participating in our current private placement funding round. Contact for more.

Can I invest in a single creator?

No, REX shares represent an investment in the performance of our entire portfolio of creators.

Is REX paying dividends?

There is currently no intention to declare or pay dividends.